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Cu-Avana Robusto: Mild Consistency

I have been hearing little things about this brand for some time now. I never had the opportunity to try one, but was definitely curious. Though yet another boutique cigar, it seemed to get a bit more attention than the others did. Therefore, when the opportunity arose for me to try a robusto, I jumped at the chance.

I found it hard to find any information about the line to begin with, so I was not biased by the country of origin, previous ratings, or who made it. I can honestly say I was a bit in the dark on this one. I found it an appropriate match as I read about Dante's trip into the unfamiliar territory of Hell (The Divine Comedy; Inferno).

The first impressions were that it was well constructed on the exterior. Save a few mislaid and wayward seams, it was of solid making. It gave just the right amount of resistance to my punch and the cap held up perfectly. The draw, pre-lit and after, was perfect and the smoke was bountiful.

My initial flavor conceptions were that of it having a friendly, leather taste, complimented by a bit of tang. Unfortunately, tang is not a flavor I search for in a cigar, so I wasn't in heaven, but it was still a good smoke. This cigar started as mild-medium bodied and remained that way throughout.

After the first ash, at about one and a half inches, I took my next set of notes. I noted that while it was still burning well and; indeed, held up after the first ash without needing to correct the burn; it still had a bit too much tang for my taste. The flavors, aromas, and tastes of this cigar struck me as very consistent, but not very impressive.

Down to two inches left on this five-inch cigar, it remained the same. It had consistency in flavor (which can be seen as a good or bad thing) and it burnt very well. While I find these to be good qualities, I also noted that, though it could serve well as an everyday cigar for some, it lacked the subtle hints of flavor and nuances that I so enjoy in a good cigar. It's best feature by far was its construction, which I found to be impeccable, both inside and out.

Would I recommend this cigar to my customers?

I think this cigar is very well made and well priced at $3.40 apiece. New smokers would most likely enjoy it more. Seasoned smokers whom enjoy the different hints and changes throughout the cigar may be disappointed, but I still believe it would be worth trying for everyone. Each smoker has different tastes and a change now and then is always good.

Still, for me personally, I don't think I will be trying them again for a good while unless it is to re-review on a challenge.

Overall Rating- B-

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Was this the Intenso robusto?
If so, I gotta agree about that tang on the tongue. I was tempted to do an autopsy cuz I am sure I spotted bright orange in the filler. What the heck? Is that some sort of exotic incense sprinkled in there? Dunno, but I won't be buying more of them. Here were the notes from my log:
Firm draw, well made. Low volume of smoke. But flavor has some sort of artificial incense bite on the tongue. Don't buy.
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