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Okay, another newb review, and yes I am trying to get my post count up there so I can post pictures and send/recieve PM's.

Crown david (cuban stock) Exquisito Limitado Torpedo.  This cigar came in a dark tan wrapper with some reddish coloring (I'm not sure what its called), and it was probably my second good non maduro stick.

The first few puffs of this stick were pretty mild, with just some nice dry tobacco flavor coming through.  Less body slightly and a little bitier than the maduros and once it got going it had very nice leathery and hay notes. Even though there was nothing which I found dicriminantlly striking about this cigar, the overall package made me keep stopping to say "damn that's nice". 

I Had the first one with a dead guy (best beer in the world), and thought that it may mix better with a red wine. Wen I finally got around to trying a second second one I was once again impressed with the solid bite and the taste of rich dried leather. Tried it with a Malbec which was okay, but then I switched to Baileys and that was the shit! This was also my first Torpedo, and the stick that made me realize that torpedo may just be my preferred shape.

All in all this is (IMO of course) another great cigar that my local tobacco guru (aka the Jedi Grand Master) turned me onto and another one which I suspect will in time find a permanent place in my humidor and of course in my heart.
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