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This is my first review of any cigar.I chose a Creole Maduro/Connecticut Twist Robusto that was given to me ,in a contest win, by Darb85.

This 50 x 5" Twist cigar was firm to the touch with a veiny twist wrapper made up of Connecticut and Maduro wrappers.A light and pleasant aroma.A couple areas showed some slight flaking ,the foot area and near the cap.I suspect this could have come from handling and shipping.This stick is not quite round,It appears to have been slightly pressed on top and bottom.My cut with a duel bladed guillitine cutter,on the slightly sweet cap, was quick and clean.Draw before the light was perfect.

Lighting was a little laborous.The foot end was rough, not smooth across.This I think contributed to the slightly difficult lighting.My cheap single tourch lighter,in all honesty, probably didn't help the cause.

First Third:
Once lighted, this stick quickly began producing a large volume of smoke.I quickly realized this was going to be a mellow smoke.The first inch or so though,lacked much flavor.Burn began to become uneven.This could have also been caused by my lighting.Touching up the eveness took a couple tries.Where is the taste?After the first inch had passed,I began to get some slight hints of nuts and some spicey notes.Not a lot but enough to keep me interested.Ash was firm and mostly white.I had to force ash off at around an inch to keep any from falling on truck carpet.Ash did not want to fall off.

Second Third:One more touch up with my cheapo torch.Spicey notes that I got teased with in first third began to increase slightly.Small area of the Connecticut wrapper began to peel slightly but did not get out of hand and was not much of a distraction.Ash was firm and still the same "dirty" white.Ash was still firm but now a rough,flakey look.By the end of middle third.Only flavors I could taste was some spicey notes with hints of a new taste that I could not indentify with my Newbie pallatte.Almost like a cedar flavor but could not pinpoint the exact flavor.I was still a little disappointed up to this point with flavor.Mellow yes but not very complex.Flavors were still somewhat hidden and subdued.

Last Third: Spice notes began to increase a little.Alrighty, about time for some more flavor.Nice pepperery flavor began to tingle the toungue,not a lot but again any spice was welcomed.Ash was still firm and strong.The dirty white ash was getting more rough and flakey looking but did not fall from the stick.A slight golden hue of color began to form on end of ash.Smoke was still plentiful but not a bright white color.Looked almost like it had a blueish hue to it.Draw was still perfect.I didn't seem to be getting any heat from the now short nub.Just a decent pepperery flavor now on the toungue.The last inch and a half, that flavor I could not identify with in middle third came back.Cedar came to mind again.I finally discarded this smoke with an inch left.

Not a bad smoke.Very mellow and mild to medium in strengh.Last third became more flavorful/pepperery.Burn issues could have been caused by me but once corrected, this smoke burned very nice.Draw was perfect.I would certainly try another for comparison.I prefer a stronger smoke.My pallette is in its juvinelle stage so I'm not certain on the flavors. My pallette is not nearly as refined as a seasoned smoker so I would be curious with others review of this smoke.This is a cigar I would like to try again before I form a solid opinion on.These cigars are made at the Creole factory in Michigan.This smoke retails for $8.25 for a single stick.


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