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smokemifyagotem said:
I decided to change the humidity device in my humidor (50 count) so I go out and buy one of those Credo things that have the PG solution already in them. When I took it out of the plastic it had little beads of moisture on it so I know it wasn't dried out.
Anyway, I put it in my humi and look 2 days later - 59%...
Wait 2 more days - still 59%
Getting frustrated I add a little distilled water and 2 days later - 60%
Now VERY frustrated I add LOTS of distilled water 2 days later - STILL 60%!!!

What is going on here?.. Only thing I can think of is the PG solution in the thing is regulating my humidity at 60% for some reason and not allowing enough moisture out... I know my hydrometer is acurate and the last device I used was the same size, but w/o PG and kept at 70% nicely.
My next idea is to just submerge the thing in water and try to flush out some of the PG solution (good idea?)
Any ideas on whats going on here? :c
What's the temperature?

If your keeping it at 65-68 degrees, this wouldn't be out of the ordinary.
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