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See if you can help me...I collect Cuban gordas (only 5 5/8 x 46) and robustos (only 4 7/8 x 50 and not any 5 x 50 etc.) and while I've had many conversations with Mitchell regarding my collection, I thought I'd ask to see if anyone else can think of any other ones than the four I am missing. So here goes:
Gorda Collection
Cohiba, Siglo IV
El Rey del Mundo, Gran Corona
Juan Lopez, Seleccion No. 1
Habanos, 1994 Limited Edition
Hoyo de Monterrey, Epicure #1
Montecristo, "C"
Partagas, Serie D No. 3
Punch, Black Prince
Punch, Punch
Punch, Punch Cabinet
Punch, Royal Selection #11
Punch, Super Selection No. 2
Rafael Gonzalez, Corona Extra
Romeo y Julieta, Exhibicion No. 3
Saint Luis Rey, Serie A
H. Upmann, Magnum 46
H. Upmann, Super Corona
Davidoff 5000 corona gorda missing
Cubatobacco, 1492 Havana corona gorda missing
La Flor de Cano, Gran Corona gorda missing

Robusto Collection
Cohiba, Reserva Robusto
Cohiba, Robusto
Montecristo, Robusto
Partagas, Serie D No. 4
Hoyo de Monterrey, Epicure No. 2
Romeo y Julieta, Robusto
Cohiba, 35th Aniversario Robusto
Montecristo, Millennium Reserve
Montecristo, Maduro Limited Edition
Romeo y Julieta, Maduro Limited Edition
Bolivar, Royal Corona
Ramon Allones, Specially Selected
Juan Lopez, Selection No. 2
Dunhill, Cabinetta cubatobacco robusto missing
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,

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Thank you very, very much puffin whatever.
You are absolutely correct.
I've been collecting my gordas for about 5 years....only been collecting robustos for about 5 months. However, the number of times I've looked at Perelman's Cyclopedia and MRN's book I would have thought I'd pick that out.
My only guess is that every time I saw La Flor de Cano I thought it was my nemesis the Gran Corona I've been looking for the past five years.
I guess that's why I asked.....thanks again puffin whatever.
Now I gotta' go find it.
Best regards,
PS - while I'm typing this I looked for it in MRN's book and it says discontinued in 1992 and now sells for $4,500 to $6,000 U.S. per this is going to be difficult.
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