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Well, I'm expecting two packages tomorrow, so I figure it's time for me to run a contest of some sort.

This contest is half scavenger hunt, half judged competition.
Here's how it works. I have come up with a list of items you must find.
If you are going to participate, please post here that you intend to do so, but you will send your answers to me via email so no one else can see them.
I will choose the best answer for each item, and whoever submitted it will get a point.
Whoever has the most points gets the prize, and I will post the winning answers.
After the winner has been announced, people can post any of their answers if they want to.
Deadline for submission is 11:59 PM on Friday.
I'll choose a winner over the weekend and will probably send out the prize on Tuesday. I'll try to make it good since this takes more work than some contests.

Have fun!

1. A picture of cigars from the Tintin book "Cigars of the Pharaoh".
2. A picture of a celebrity smoking a cigar. The more obscure or unexpected the better. I won't be impressed by P. Diddy or Arnold Schwarzenegger.
3. Picture (or link if available online) of the most unusual (but viable) candidate for an xyz-idor.
4. Strangest cigar brand name (doesn't have to be in business any more) - with picture if possible.
5. Stupidest cigar related web site.
6. Best cigar joke.
7. Most expensive cigar box purse you can find online (I think these are stupid).
8. Best review ever written on Club Stogie. Cigar does not have to be good. Only the initial post counts.
9. Strangest picture you can find of someone smoking a cigar.
10. One word which describes why you like cigars.
11. Weirdest cigar review from a major cigar magazine.
12. Person who is the best candidate for a cigar magazine cover, regardless of whether they smoke cigars or not

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Some great answers coming in so far - keep them coming!
Also, these are so funny I think people will enjoy all the answers, not just the winners. So when you submit answers to me, also save them to post after the deadline :)
(for those who have already submitted, if you didn't save them, I can pull them from email)
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