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Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly poker game on I have been playing there for a little while and its alot of fun. Holdem, 7 stud or Omaha are all playable. I could set up a private table and only Club Stogie members could play. I was thinking any night around 9 eastern so the west coast guys could get in.

You would need to set up an account with them on their website. If you are interested contact me prior to setting up an account and I can run you through it.

If you have any ideas or questions please ask away, I think this would be alot of fun.


Poker is not allowed :r


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I have looked into getting a private play money table, but I don't think it can happen.

The best I can suggest at this point is we go there on a "pre-picked" day and time, fist person to get in sit back and wait. POST the table number here, and we can play the waiting games.....once a few get in....we can pretty much take over a table.

Play good cards, and don't get into flame wars with the idiots. Some dorks will go all in on everyhand.....myself,with the help of some "good" players cleaned their clocks BAD :w NOTHING like haveing 7/7 in on the on the small.........dorks go all in...........:r Funniest part, even warned them, "sure wish I had more money to bet" TWO hands in a row.

in the famous words of Seagarsmoker
fun fun fun.......

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