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Cigars to give away

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I'm looking for a cigar that I can give to my buddies when we play golf. A couple of us smoke cigars all the time but some only do it occasionally. It pains me to see a good cigar go to waste. At the same time I don't want to hand out trash. Every now and then I bring them a cigar. I had recently purchased a box of Padron Londres and have given some of those away to my buddies. I was looking for something similar in size I guess and not expensive. Around or under $2 would be perfect.

Any suggestions?
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As far as cheap smokes go Im a big fan of Maria Mancinis. The Magic Mountains are really good for the $$ - both maduro and H2000. I just bought a box of the Corona Classicos and they are pretty good too. For 1.55 a stick you can't go wrong.
Cheaper cigars I smoke a lot of are Puros Indios, it is in your price range, and Nicaraguan Factory Corojos, it is well under your price range.

Just my $.02

I'm also always on the lookout for a good $2.00 (or less) smoke to have as a "give away" cigar. The price is only one factor since smokers of different experience levels will appreciate different strengths of cigars.

When I give a cigar to someone I don't know well, usually they are an occasional smoker. I want them to have a positive experience and usually give them a very smooth, somewhat bland tasting cigar. You know... Macanudo style but at a lower price. I usually get a positive response.

I look for closeouts of vintage tobacco cigars to use for the occasional smoker give away. Some of the brands with vintage closeouts I've seen recently are Zino made by Davidoff, Astral, Montague or Don Juan Platinum to name a few. Or sometimes the major brands are overstocked and run promotions for about $2/stick.

For the more experienced smoker, I like the Punch Rothschild maduro maduro. Spicy, earthy, and good construction all for $2.00/stick. I agree with the others, PI's and Maria Mancini, as well as Mayorga, ERDM rectangulares, LGC Wavel maduro, Joya de Nicaragua consul and others are great full bodied give aways.

... rjs
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