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Cigars similar to Punch Regios de Punch EDICIÓN LIMITADA 2017

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Hi All,

I've managed to pick up 2 half wheels of Punch Regios de Punch a few years ago, and I've been gradually getting through my supply. I can see how, that because it's a limited edition, I can;t buy this cigar anywhere other than auctions.

This was an absolutely beautiful cigar, almost every one of them I smoked was so nice. I find most other cigars are more miss than hit (I guess due to what I've eaten/drink prior to smoking). Can any cigar aficionados out there recommend a cigar which is similar in past to the Punch Regios de Punch?

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You need to read our rules if your going to stick around here , looks like your from the UK, these cigars are legal there, they are not legal here so we have to be careful when we speak of them.
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