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Hello, my name is Richard. I am the owner and operator of a new Cigar Auction website named offers FREE posting on any one item in any category. All that is required is free registration.

The reason we have begun an exclusive auction website for Cigars is to help provide a better means of finding top quality cigars for lower than retail prices, as well as help newer cigar brands be brought out to a broader audience.

We are very interested in new and upcoming brands as well as stores.

If you are a new Cigar manufacturer (been in business less then one year), a new Cigar website (been in business for less then one year), or a new Cigar store that is looking to gain exposure, we are extending special privileges, such as huge price breaks on posting items with embellishments, as well as banner advertising. If this applies to you or someone that may be interested in this, please send an email to: [email protected] and provisions will be made.

We are also looking for partners. If you are interested in posting Cigars in mass quantities on Cigarlot, special provisions will be made. Please contact: [email protected]

If anyone requires assistance with signing up, and general questions.
Please visit:

I hope that you can find this service to be beneficial.

And again posting is free for one item, so if nothing else get your brand out there!

If anyone has any questions or comments please email:
[email protected].

Thanks for your time. Hope to see you on Cigarlot!

P.S. I have approval from the webmaster to post this. Please no flamming.


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Hello, my name is Richard. ....................................................P.S. I have approval from the webmaster to post this. Please no flamming.
Hi Richard, wish you the best of luck. And at Club Stogie ya may get a little heat, but never a flame ;)

I have been in biz for over a year........don't need the exposure.......but if you need filler space, I would be glad to talk with you. LMK.

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