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Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this B & M other than the fact that I visit it occasionally. I am not being compensated nor rewarded in anyway for making this post.
But this sounds cool:
I got a postcard from my local B & M yesterday stating that they are having their cigar rolling event / pigroast BBQ this Friday August 21st all day. They are going to have a Mojito Bar, an El Presidente Beer Bar, a Pig Roast and BBQ as well as rollers from Don Lino, La Aurora and Leon Jimenez. They are also giving away a trip for 2 to the Dominican Republic. If you are in NJ and can get to Lafayette Village in Lafayette NJ, it would be great to meet you.
The name of the B&M is Satin Jacks Cigar Room in Lafayette NJ located within Lafayette Village. Maybe I'll see you there.
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