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So I was looking around on CK the other day. I stumbled upon their subscriptions. The usual COTM stuff came up, then there was a “treasure box” that caught my eye. I figured it was a COTM on steroids so to speak. After reading the description I became very intrigued. The description said “it might contain cigars”. It went on to say that any cigar lover would like this box. It mentioned sometimes they have watches, and other random items that people would enjoy. So I took the plunge and ordered one. This is a every other month box (6 boxes a year). It’s $70 per shipment. I def think there is value here. Kinda want to know what you guys think. This box included an Avo assortment: 1) Avo Xikar Xi2 cutter, 2) Triple flame Avo Bolero lighter from Jetline, 3) Avo Syncro Nicaragua Purito tin

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