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I enjoyed rereading my rants in this new languge...but I really liked my new sig line.

"This is how six-year-olds argue n shit: They call everyth'n "stupid." The left's primary argument is tha angry reaction of a helpless child deprived of tha ability ta mount logical counterizzles . Aint no L-I-M-I-to-tha-T. Someday we wizzill T-to-tha-izzurn ta tha New York Times editorial page n find tha Shot Calla of Record straight trippin' President Biznush fo` being a '*****-head.'" - Ann Coulta, Shot Calla p. 121

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Heh. Here's Da Klugs latest review...

Da Klugs said:
Today, 03:04 PM

Da Klugs

FluffMeistizzle Dizzle so bow down to the bow wow: Jan 2005

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Bucanero Salsa

These were tha in store special at CI's retail store one wizzy last month 5 fo` $ 15 n couldn't pass up buy'n a mess of them sho nuff. One of mah business cracka lives in Fogelsville PA which is real close ta CI (sign up fo` tha weekly email in store special) so if you ever have a hanker'n… I pay him fo` these services in gin n' juice BTW with the S-N-double-O-P. This is tha 3rd one I've smoked since gett'n thiznem n slowly cremated it while rollin` around tha west side of Cleveland pimpin' lunch today.

Pre-light ruminations
these is bold rough n tumble perpetratin' at first, slightly box pressed 6x54 belicoso ya feelin' me?. look a shawty drug deala n you realize these is very W-to-tha-izzell mizzle cigars. habano's criollo wrappa witta slightly reddish tiznint, blend of nicarizzles dominizzle n honduran tobacco , chill yo. they dizzay look real pretty but they smell great , chill yo. i believe they makes these in they nicarizzle vs . You gotta check dis shit out yo. costa rican factory wit da big Bo$$ Dogg. cut clean `bout _ way up tha tapered heezee. pre-light D-R-to-tha-izzaw was good ta a shawty loose i may have nipped too mizzle of tha heezee on this one. these is just on tha dense side of normal on tha pack of tha cigar. had a funky ass prelight flavor tone ta tha crillo wrizzay sweet but tangy a lot like that sensation you git drink'n a good margarita.

Initial Thoughts
Fired up on tha way ta lunch . Listen to how a mother****er flow shit. While messin' gots some unusual flavors. Mexican herb perhaps? Funky Ass ta bring B-to-tha-izzack college memories . It dont stop till the wheels fall off. Couple puffs in gots mah favorite flavor caramel. Funky Ass dizzle but light caramel. Think'n these is really, really good fo` $ 3 wiznish I had bought more doggystyle. Had ta touch up a shawty ta git tha bizzurn right otherwise funky ass.

Smok'n Experiencizzles
Cigar was lush n sweet . know what im sayin?. I love tizzle caramel taste n it was resplendent here messin' subtle at fizzay n grow'n in richness n depth as tha cigar burned down. Neva really had a large ring gauge crillo cigar before. Got some leathery undertones ta go wit tha caramel afta `bout a third of tha stick . You'se a flea and I'm the big dogg. Kizzept think'n why haven't I been smok'n these instead of some of tha otha $3-$4 smokes in tha rotation? You is a dumb-ass was tha brotha that I kizzle com'n up wit. Tizzle I remembered tizzle these is normally a $ 6-8 stick oh OK not a dumb-ass jizzay kind of stupid . Keep'n it gangsta dogg. Ash was funky ass n tha bizzy stayed witin an 1/8 inch witout any effort on mah pizzay fo' sheezy. Hit tha all you can eat Pizza Bar (Kind of like a cafetizzles fo` lunch n really laid one on n we out.
Baller relight, tha nose gots a shawty gangsta pizzast tha _ way point. `bout this time mah all time favorite flavor made an appearance that roasted apple tizzle over tha caramel. These is a caramel apple baller treat (not really that's not tha taste it's tha perpetratin' flavor). `bout tha 2/3 point it became cinnamon, browned caramel apple pimpin' on a F-R-to-tha-izzesh brotha saddled cedar horse. Given tha size of these sticks, they relative youth (even though they have extensively aged tobacco 4 plus years) aging may really makes these a special stizzay cuz Im tha Double O G. We will see. Wizzent ta spice in tha last inch n a H-to-tha-izzalf but neva gots hot upside yo head. Took a last puff (was clockin' a good buzz) at `bout _ of an inch.

Final thoughts
a rich lushly flavored fizzle bodied medium strong cigar is tha one lina. i know that presents contradizzles but that's mah opinion n i'm stick'n wit it n shit. these folks know how ta makes a hizzy quality tasty cigar. someone was cruisin' `bout how this was gonna taste n i like him a lot was one of mah smok'n thoughts. should have bought mizzy of tha fiva . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. if you like tha caramel wit some of that roasted apple flavor profile, try these they is yummy good.

:D Blunt-rollin' wizzay doing is wizzorth doing ta excess.
And that's why he's not The Klugs. ;)
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