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I know there is another review on here for this cigar but I did not experience all the same items as they did.

Length: 5.7
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican/Nicaragua/Brazil

I used a cuban crafters perfect cutter, and a regular bic lighter. Lightly toasted the foot and then went for broke. I got a good light out of it and a good amount of smoke and a fair aroma. I never had an issue with draw or of it burning out or needing touch ups. In general this is a pretty mild smoke. Definitely not as good as a normal Graycliff , but for the price for an everyday smoke I would find it sufficient.

The ash stayed strong, looked pretty good, not very grey to me. It was a very mild smoke, nothing too over powering. I would say earthiness and a very very mild pepper. I didn't get anything out of this cigar that was too strong.

As you can see the ash is staying together pretty good. I didn't have an issue with anything on this cigar. Now I have not smoked a lot of Graycliff's but this was better than most of the cheaper cigars on the market (considering this is the CI brand). At this point the taste was about the same, it didn't linger on my palette for a very long time either.

As you can see it had a pretty long ash, which from what I know about cigars means it was pretty well constructed. I didn't have burn issues at all on this cigar.

Still very one dimensional all the way down to the nub. To me I would say this is a decent everyday cigar to keep in the humidor, but it's not going to knock your socks off. I did find myself having to purge the cigar by simply blowing out on it on occasion to try and and keep the cigar flavor fresh, but nothing that was too drastic.

I would rate this about a 7.5/10.

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Graycliff makes some really nice cigars, that command a premium price...I would say they are somewhat overpriced...

The legends series is a nice addition at an appropriate price

Good review!!
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