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Three guys die and end up in Heaven facing St Peter.

St Peter looks at them and says, "Sorry guys, but being the Christmas season, before I can let you in I'll have to see something showing me that you have the Christmas spirit.

The 1st guy fishes around in his pocket and pulls out a lighter, lights it and says, "this flame represents the light of Christmas".
St Peter says, "Good enough welcome to Heaven" and lets him in.

The second guy reaches into his pocket and pulls out his keys, shakes them and says, "This represents the bells of Christmas".
St Peter says, "That'll do" and welcomes him into Heaven as well.

The third guy reaches into one pocket and comes up empty. He then reaches into another pocket and pulls out a pair of ladies panties. He holds them up proudly, looks at St Peter and says "There".
St Peter looks at the man in disbelief and says, "Now, please tell me how those represent Christmas".
The third man then replies, "Oh, these are Carol's".
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