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HOLY CRAP DID MY WISHES GET GRANTED TODAY !!! :banana::banana::banana:

Thanks to amazing generosity of teedles915 (T.W.) I was able to have a wish list fulfilled......

And let me tell you when Hinson (Shannon) takes on your list you get it filled AND THEM SOME!!!

Here is the annihilation that showed up on front porch today....

Diamond Crown Maximus
Opus X Fuente Fuente
My Father Le Bijou
CAO Sopranos
La Gloria Cubana
Joya De Nicaragua 1970

Man I don't how to thanks you guys.... T.W. is the man for letting me take his spot on the MAW list and Thanks a million Shannon for fulfilling the top cigars on my list!!!

You guys are absolutely amazing and I cant thank you enough!

I look forward to one day being able to return the generosity.

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Holy Crap - I"ll say Christmas came early. Very nice gesture by teedless to pass his wish to you and Shannon definitely blew you up big time.

If that DC Maximus doesn't quite fit your flavor profile I know a very nice home for it - LOL!
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