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Cedar Blocks?

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i need some cedar for my new igloodor. the problem is i live in a podunk town now and cant find any spanish cedar. anyone know if there's some place that would ship me a couple blocks of it? i just want some in there to help stabalize humiditiy levels.
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How big/small a piece you need?

I can send you some, I've got quite a bit sitting here in front of me...

what do you have... actual blocks or old boxes?

this igloo is like 2ft by 2ft so i just need something substantial enough to level off humid. flux. inside.
If cigartexan does not have what ya need, drop me a PM. I'll hook ya up bro.

I've got blocks from boxes, 1"x2" in various lengths and some pieces of 1/2", largest one is 2.5'x1.5'.

PM me with your addy and what size you need, I'll cut it and get it to you in a jiffy.
Same here. I have a lot of SC left over from my humidor project. It's seasoned to 70% RH and ready to bag and ship. Let me know if you want any. The sizes range from tiny chunks to 2'x4"x3/4".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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