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Rained this morning, but cleared up nicely by lunch. After lunch, I went to the mailbox. No key in the packages lock box, but that doesn't worry me as I have had packages each of the last 4 days. There couldn't be one there 5 days in a row, right. I open my mailbox and see THE KEY (cue ominous music).

Kevin (casadooley) had offered to satisfy my MAW for a Taboo Twist, in which I had foolishly volunteered to having never had any Taboo, twist or other. Bad confession. Truly a bad confession. Never do that around Kevin - only bad things can come of it. Why you ask, well, let me tell ya. There were two packages in the mailbox. Two, T-W-O, two. As in twice as many as one. For a frikkin Taboo Twist!?! I was scared and might have peed just a little (okay, a lot).

So one package is from the mad bomber and one from his accomplice,

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The accomplice sent a 7-pack sampler that includes a lighter, a cutter, three special forces, three African camaroon, and one exotic blend II. Kevin sent 2 taboo twists, a San Christobal, a Fuente Fuente Opus X and a 50s Van ****. He even included a Club Stogie pin!

I may never be able to go to the mailbox again without wetting myself.

And the real killer is that I gave him RG recently because he's a great gorilla and the system won't let me get back at him (er, bump him) for a while yet. Someone get him and get him good. He tried to kill Ol Yeller

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Like my old man use to say. If you gonna do something you might as well to extremely friggin well. Leave an impression. :r :r I guess Kevin left a hell of an impression on you uh Mark. I agree well deserve enjoy it. I believe Taboo will become on of you regulars in you humi. Great cigars. :tu
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