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This afternoon, I recieved a very considerate and devastating package from casadooley.
Here's what was included in his very generous bombing:

1 x Arturo Fuente Anejo #49
1 x Alec Bradley Maxxx the Freak
1 x 5 Vegas Serie 'A' Archetype
1 x CAO Bratalia Gol!
1 x Tampa Sweethearts #500
1 x framed Marlboro Cigar bands
24 x Marlboro Cigar bands

I really REALLY love the cigar bands.
I have the frame sitting next to my humi and I plan on using a few of these awesome bands on some unbanded smokes in my future bombs.

I just lit up the Tampa Sweethearts and I'm really going to enjoy all these smokes.
Kevin really seemed to know my tastes as every cigar he sent is a personal favorite blend of mine.

I'm going to save the Anejo for a special occasion;
this size will be new to me and I'm really excited to see it laying on my topshelf everytime I open my humi.

Wow, what a hit!!
Can someone help me hit this very generous BOTL with some RG??
I seem to have run out for the day.

Thank you soo much, Casadooley.
This is one of the best hits I have ever recieved and it really made my busy week much better.
Your very devastating bombing will definitely not be forgotten.
I will get you back for this..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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