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The story begins.......last time I saw Hbooker, I noticed that W.O.A. sized barber pole looking cigar in his humidor. I asked about it, he said "I don't know, I never smoked one like it" With the sad puppy dogs eyes, and being he just got off with about 50 of my best smokes for payment ;) he gladly handed this great looking cigar to me.

It was one of the best looking "barber pole" looking cigars I have EVER seen. Closed on both head and foot.

This cigar stopped on looks, from there on it freaking sucked! Mr. Booker, I saved your tastebuds, trust me. The first puff put me into bitter beer face. I have smoked some nastyass cigars, but don't remember the last time I was hit like this. I was wishing this great looking cigar would get better, so I smoked it for about in inch and a half before I could no longer take it. I would rate it 5 dogturds.


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Re: Carlos III

it was a company based in vegas that went out of business. it was a heuvo cafe con leche and it looked like an egg. i had the honor to smoke a few of them and they were just great. consider yourself lucky to smoke a cigar that makes a btl look like a short filler pos.
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