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I have a few left. They are about 15 years old. Carlos's io was one of my favorite cigars and now even Habana Real appears out of business. I probably bought near 1000 of this brand. I have about five eggs left. About three natural and three ems.

I know this thread is old, but it comes up during a search and I am letting the world know there is a few Carlos's III eggs left. The VI went in on some Barbie Pole double Carina's in 2002. I bought at least 100 and have one left. They were great!

Herf (his handle name) marketed the blend under Hanana Real and I cannot find him either. I loved this cigar and would help with any remaining inventory before buying new stuff from JRs or Mikes.

If someone is in love with these eggs, contact me. I am just looking for a friendly trade with someone who will appreciate these. I would be wiling to trade one or two in exchange for buying a bundle of Connies or other cigar at your cost plus shipping. I am just looking to get something special or aged in return. I like Madura and aged ems.
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