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I'm impressed.

This is the 4th CAO (non-flavored) that I've smoked. Have had a an Extreme, a Gold, a Criollo and now the Cameroon.

I am guessing this is an anniversary stick, since it has 1968 and 1998 on band. Was about 5 inches, maybe a 46 gauge, natural wrapper.

I can see where CAO might be winning as my Go-To smoke. As with previous CAOs, good pre-smoke flavor and smell. Mellow smoke, burned evenly, good ash. I want to say a creamy, maybe slightly buttery taste for me after the first 1/4 of the stick. I'm most impressed with the burning rate on all of the 4 mentioned, and the Cameroon was no exception. I had to make an un-planned stop at store and left it burning in truck while I picked up a few items. Was still burning good when I returned. I have lost many smokes (burning out) in lesser time, and had to draw hard on many others to revive them, but not on a single one of the CAOs.

I thought the Cameroon was a non-event in terms of kick based on the first 1/2 to 2/3 of the stick. Boy was I wrong. I smoked the stick down to about 1", came inside with a slight buzz. Came upstairs to write this review and sat down. BAM!! WOW! KICK IN THE PANTS! Found myself hunting up a Pepsi for a sugar infusion.

I find very few of my smokes have been sticks I could enjoy down to the last inch. Each of the CAOs have qualified, plus the one ISOM I've smoked.

Thanks to Jgrimball. I delievered a contest winning package to him this morning to include in a package he is sending to Lumpold so we could divide the shipping cost. I took a CAO Gold and the Cameroon with me to offer him one for letting me share the shipping. He picked the Gold, which is what I was hoping, since I've already tried a Gold. It was my only Cameroon, but I have several Golds left. Would have missed out on the Cameroon. Grim had also already had a Cameroon, and rightfully told me it was a good smoke.

Overall, I would give the Cameroon a 4. I will definately be looking to add some more of these to my stash.
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