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OK, Im really beginning to love the Nicaraguan-cigars... with the all the Joya de Nicaragua (Antano 1970/Celebracion) and ofcourse Padron... I just had to check these once again... And they were good. At least the one I tried. If I had to give it a number before I tried this particular one I would say 4.0 out of 5.0. OK, lit it up and started to smoke it... Mmmm... God flavours... BTW, I visited a friend today and gave him one too... And he liked it... too...

Well what can I say... Brazilian nut, earthy, spicy flavours was coming out of the stick. It burned good and produced a satisfying level of smoke... The construction was good and I like the CAO Brazilia band/label... Very colourful... But one thing I cant understand... Why is the box of Piranhas as big as the Amazons... I couldnt get it in any of my humidors... Well, I must be off to buy another plastic container tomorrow... A tupperdor... :)


4.0 out of 5.0
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