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A few years ago I purchased the bigger of the two, Magnums, 6/52, anyway it was the 24 pack JRs' sells, with 8 ea. of Cameroon, Maduro and eXtreme. Here's my reviews of each one then....

A cigar of easy draw and voluminous smoke. I am quite happy with box of 24, 8 mads., 8 Xtremes and 8 cameroons. This is a nice alternative to box press and the draw is much easier. This cameroon has a nutty, smooth flavor that any smoker would be happy with.

Full draw loaded w/ rich, full flavored nicaraguan leaf. This eXtreme is rolled in the classic round style rather than box, this greatly increases the volume of smoke, which in turn speeds up the lip numbing mind compressing nicotine buzz. I still like the tubos best....but this is a hour and a half well spent.

An earthy cigar that has a very subtle sweetness to it. Draw is easy and burn is even with a white/gray solid ash that sets off the dark maduro wrapper. A very good cigar that slowly develops a smooth richness each puff down. A notch above most and a hour+ well spent.(Aged for 6 mos.made huge difference)

I never did buy anymore, not sure why, I think because I like the Brazilias so much more than the annis'. I have purchased a few boxes of the smaller tubos though, cams and eXtremes. I say get them if you find a good deal. :w
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