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Let me start up by saying this is one great cigar. It is the Camacho crillio wrapped version of their traditional corojo cigar.
The wrapper is slightly darker than the traditional wrapped Camacho, with a very nice feel. The wrapper is not at all veiny with no color difference or splotches.
The construction on this cigar is wonderful, the wrapper is even with no 'lumps' and looks seemless. The filler is very well packed but still allows for an easy pre light draw.
Once lit this cigar produces one of the best ashes I have seen. Light gray and solid. I really think you can get this ash to hold most of the way down the cigar.
The flavor is solidly medium to medium full. Not a lot of similarity to the corojo camacho. It produces a ton of smoke. The flavor has a hint of spice but overall the only other way to decribe it would be smooth.
The only word of advice would be this is one stick that needs to be smoked patiently. Too many draws and it will get a bitter flavor, if you let it set for just a few minutes, it will fix itself.

Overall I think this is a very good cigar, would be perfect for those who want a nice flavorful everyday smoke. Thank you to this board for pointing me in this direction.
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