A few years ago i bought a bunch of Caldwell cigars from a lounge i used but was closing down, i do like Caldwell but the Eastern Standard not so much hence the sale.

3ea Eastern Standard Sungrown Toro Extra 6.2x54
2ea Pacific Standard Double Robusto 5.5x54

But thats not much of a "sale" on here, they run at just about $10 each or a little less so lets make it a better sale, i will include the following

5ea Caldwell Lost and Found Torpedo 6x52
Full disclosure on these, i have smoked 2 and both were quite tight, had to use the tool to get a decent draw. (just the lost and found, not the Eastern Standard)

Asking $45 plus $5 first class post with tracking so $50 total or if you prefer usps small flat rate box for an extra $4
Payment Paypal friends and family