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I've read some of the coffee threads regarding the pod brewers, especially the Senseo. I had never heard of this system until I started working at my new job last year. Since I'm only one of three coffee drinkers in the office, there is no community pot everyday, and coffee is brewed only when we host a meeting. So I asked about the pod brewer and tried the Senseo pods that one of the coffee drinkers had bought. Besides the bag having been opened for a while, allowing the pods to get stale, the coffee was weak unless you used two pods at a time for a mug.

I did some research and found that Senseo pods are made with only 7 grams of coffee in them. And, I found that there are a whole host of other companies who make pods that work in Senseo coffee makers. All of these other companies put 8 grams to 12 grams of coffee in their pods, making the coffee much better tasting. A few of the companies also package their pods in sealed pouches to keep them fresh.

I decided to try pods from a company called Cafejo, which seals individual pods into nitrogen-filled pouches. I have tried a number of blends from them: Keyna, Sumatra, Columbian, Columbian Gold, Costa Rica and French Roast. They also have "Adrenaline Explosion" blend which is a larger pod like the Columbian Gold pod. My favorites are the Dark roasted Keyna, Sumatra and Adrenaline Explosion pods.

I've been buying from Coffee Pods , and I have had very few problems. They ship promptly, have a reasonable price and have a money back guarantee for unused pods that you didn't like. I did find a few bad pods, which were replaced with no questions asked. They also sell tea pods, but I don't care for most flavored teas, so I can't comment on them.

If you coffee-drinking botl's have any questions, please let me know!

Alley00p :ss :hc
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