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I had one of these guys this weekend and was presently surprised. This is a relatively cheep machine made cigar from that wonderful little island down yunder.

I got five of these this past summer and smoke four of them within a couple months of getting them. However, I left one in there and found it this weekend. I thought the first four I smoked this past summer were okay but kinda bland. This last one I smoked was quite a bit different though.

For being Cuban it is a relatively mild smoke. Just looking at it it's kinda ugly....wrinkled wrapper....little bit get the drift. What's cool though it it has a little perfecto tip, which made lighting it nice (not if you're using a triple flame torch though...ooops :D ) This little guy was not very complex....not that I expected that from this one. Butt, it did have a very good flavor. The best way I can explain it is a mild spice..........keeping the Cuban twang, but mild. It lasted about 45 minutes, but that was with heavy puffing. The draw was a little too tight, but loosened up towards the end. The ash was a classic Cuban magnesium color and left nice conical ambers after knocking off the ash.

I would defiantly call this little sleeper one of the better surprises of my weekend. If you can get your hand on one of these guys pick it up.........forget about it in the humidor for about 6 months, and then pleasantly surprise yourself sometime:)
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