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Taste Test Challenge!

It has come to our attention that there has been some problems with our online voting system for the Taste Test Challenge!

We have therefore taken the decision to remove the voting and set up a different system......

We would like to have a panel of 'judges' from each newsgroup, who we can contact on a regular basis to judge our reviews for that month.

You have to consider yourself a 'fair' person and not let your judgement be clouded by personal allegiances.

To try and help things, we are also going to remove the names of the 'reviewer' on each contest, so the chosen panel member will not know whose review it is they are judging, but will simply be asked for their 'comments and scoring'

When the winner is announced, we will then reveal the reviewers names. :)

Hopefully this will work out a fairer system and we do of course need your help!

If you'd like to be on the 'panel of judges' drop me an email at my private email [email protected] and I'll put your name in the hat, we may call on you regularly, so you have to be prepared to spare us half an hour each month to read through the reviews and give your rating. :)

So as not to make it a mammoth task for any one 'judge' we will only be putting forward three reviews per month.

Please also send in any reviews that you'd like put forward, again to [email protected] :)

Thanks for all the emails I've received in support of our Taste Test and I hope this system will make things a lot fairer for all concerned.

Take care

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