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Hi Everyone,

As I get older I find that I'm trying to save more and more money. With that in mind I was shopping around and looking at bulk versions of some of my favorite blends like Sammy G. FVF, St. James Flake, and some of the Gawith, Hoggarth blends. I was a bit confused about the pricing. It seems that there is no value or savings in buying the bulk blends. It seemed to me that the pricing was exactly the same as if it was tinned. I know that the tins have 50 grams in them and the bulk you buy in 2 ounces, but the prices reflected that. I looked on both smokingpipes and pipesandcigars and found this on both sites. Now with everything else in life that I have ever bought bulk in (bulk candy, bulk nails, bulk livestock feed, bulk topsoil, etc) it is a better value and cheaper to buy it in bulk because you don't have the price of packing and packaging tacked on to it. That doesn't seem to be the case with bulk tobacco. It's almost as if the tins are thrown in for free. Anyone have an explanation for this?

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Scott, i always see a little savings in buying even the smallest bulk (from the same vendor) although pretty small at the 2 oz purchase. But savings none the less. The larger the bulk purchase the more the savings.

$8.71 for 50g tin = $0.1742/gram
$8.30 for 2 oz bag = $0.1464/gram
$14.80 for 4 oz bag = $0.1298/gram
$26.50 for 8 oz bag = $0.1168/gram

Maybe you're shopping at the wrong place

edit: great - you self-corrected AFTER I did all the work :sleep:

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I'm loving it since I found PipesandCigars bulk tobacco. There's some stuff I can't get in bulk, but for the most part it's the way to go. Their per tin prices are a little higher than smokingpipes (My usual place) I have found, but their shipping prices are better (USPS Priority Mail) and the have a bigger variety IMO in both the bulk and tinned stuff. I'll still buy tins as well, but for my day to day smoking tobaccos I'll buy oz's in bulk and just put it in jars to pull as needed while the tins get stuck back to age. My Nightcap is $7.80 for a 50g tin, whereas I buy 4oz in the bulk and get it for $10.99 ($2.75 an oz).
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