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Buddy got me some Cubans

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My buddy who I grill out and smoke cigars with (he buys the food, I bring the cigars) recently came back from a trip to Mexico with some "Cuban cigars" to thank me for the countless cigars I have given him, which I really appreciate the gesture. He sent me a picture of them a few weeks back and after seeing them, I was in no hurry to go grab them. He dropped them off this weekend so I took full advantage and used one, not in the way he thought I would, by deconstructing it. I think the most interesting thing is that the filler was long but the binder was all mixed. Attached are some photos of the deconstruction. The most laughable part is the cigar bands. Enjoy!

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I hope your buddy doesn't expect you to smoke them with him. As @JtAv8tor said, you really need to educate your friend on these. I know it risks causing him some embarrassment, but he needs to know not to fall for this scam in the future.
Not to mention that whoever made these....they don't care what is in them...imagine the worst possible things one could put inside...go ahead...I'll wait cuz hairs and goo along with special sauces have been found as well and that ain't urban legend either.😱
1 - 1 of 13 Posts