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Talk about an unexpected hit. Went out to the mailbox this morning and saw a Priority box inside. "Cool" I thought. I figured it was another delivery from the lottery. I opened the box and than BLAM! My apartment is blown to bits and my face looked like a cartoon character after smoking an exploding cigar. The fire dept pulls up and my buddies ask what the hell happened. All I could mutter is "I've been bombed!" Thank god we planned on moving and have a new home being built. Should only be homeless for the winter months!!!!! Burrr, it's going to be a cold winter!
Scimmia hit me today with a nice bomb! Inside was a Puros Indios Robusto, A RP Sungrown Torp(One of my favs) and a Pirates Gold. Also included was a copy of Modern Marvels "Tobacco." I've missed this episode everytime it's aired and Scimmia must have read my post in the thread about this episode and the fact that I could not catch the episode even if my life depended on it. I would have posted some pics of this awesome hit but my digi cam is DOA.
Thanks again Doug. Believe it or not this is only my second time receiving a bomb here, so I am very appreciative but at the same time keep your radar on because there will be a retaliatory attack! Muwahahahahahahaha!:gn :r


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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