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So Dave (owaindav) offers to send me a sample of JKP after I barely beat him to the punch on some Dunhill that was up for sale or trade. I expressed to him in PM that I have never had the opportunity to try any Dunhill stuff or any of the JKP.

Well, when I checked the mail today there was package that seemed a little big to contain just the sample of JKP. It seems that on the way here it had spawned some Dunhill along with a couple of other treats.

Royal Yacht
C&D Purple Cow
Two Friends English Chocolate
He also sent me his last flake of Dunhill Light flake (Murrays)

Dave, that was over the top brother. I will enjoy each and every bowl of this. THANK YOU very much and if I can ever do anything for you just let me know. :)

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David is a seriously big time BOTL. I think if you look up generosity in the encyclopedia you'll find his picture.

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Dave is definitely the man!

And I didn't know JKP had babies! I hope those 2 tins I have start breeding like crazy...or not, that might be weird.
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