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At 9:30pm Nov 12 local time an explosion was heard in the Comstock Park Area. All non-essential personel have been evacuted and BDA is being conducted at this time. One resident who wanted to be off the record was heard in a muffled gasp say “HOLY CRAP!” If rumors are true only the letterbox sustained damage ( actually they cant even find the pieces yet). The Postman was not hurt in anyway and was a lucky man and needs to go buy a lotto ticket. Damage costs ranges vary. EOD experts say this bomb has a completely new MO and have traced the evidence to a address in St louis MO. If reports are true we are seeing a new bomber in our midst who has already perfected the art of bomb-making at an early stage. All Memebers of be concerned! Be very Concerned!

I want to thank EvonNida for such a great surprise Friday evening. Had a good day, went fishing with some ol friends but didn’t catch a thing which left the day somewhat empty. That all changed after finding this bomb in the mailbox! 10 wonderful cigars and a Ronson lighter. He certainly has done his research and handpicked 10 choices that still have me drooling. I cannot thank him enough for his incredible generosity and I only hope that when I am able to bomb someone that person will have the wonderful feelings I have felt this evening.

Full Bomb Damage Assestment as follows:
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