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Once there was a very rich man who had Billions of Dollars. Also he had lots of farms and lots of cattle. He also had a very beautiful girl which just had turned 18 and was his only heiress. One day he decided to throw a huge party with all the "high class" people invited. At midnight he uncovered a very large pool which was divided in 3 parts. In the first 100m. He had lots of Piranhas. In the next 100m. He had huge crocodiles. And in the last 100 he had White Sharks. Then he said - "I think youth has been decaying in this times so the brave young man that can swim through this pool I will reward him with any if this 3 choices: 1.- half of all my fortune, 2.- Half of all my farms and animals, 3.- My daughter's hand in marriage."

Just when he finished one guy jumped into the pool and quickly crossed the piranhas, then he crossed the crocodiles, and finally he passed the pool with the sharks.
Then he came out of the pool fast breathing and with the clothes all ripped up, the rich man came and told him:
"I have never in my life seen so much bravery, so what is it that you going to choose?.... Ohh I know you want half of all my money right?".
To this the guy responded "No I don't want that".
Then the rich man said "Oh so you want half my farms and animals".
"No I don't want that either".
So finally the rich man said "Aahh ha-ha I know you want to marry my daughter since she is my only heiress right?".
To this the young man said "nope I don't want that either".
"And then what the he%& do you want?" said the rich guy
and the young man responded -
"I want to know who was the Fu%&*r that pushed me into the pool!!!!."

(sorry if it comes out lame, but i had to translate it from spanish to english ;))
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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