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Boston MA area

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anyone from the Boston area? I am new to the area (Waltham) and would like to know the location of some good shops to purchase.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Hey Yorkie077, I live in Burlington, MA. In terms of shops I do not buy much locally these days. I smoke mostly ISOM's. My favorite shop is the old Pipe Rack in Newton Centre, it is now a Tinderbox. It still keeps the flavor of the old shop. The owner, Jimmy Golov, is a good friend of mine. It's small, but they have some comfortable chairs and a TV. Check it out. Also email or PM some time and lets get together for a smoke. Theres really only one other Club Stogie guy in our area, Lusi in JP. Good luck, Steve
You know whats crazy... i lived in Waltham for 11 years... If i was there i would smoke some with ya!... and watch out for sgoselin... he'll destroy your mailbox! :r

Steve, do you golf? would love to smoke one with ya. Keep in touch!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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