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As robmcd pointed out when I first mentioned this author, it helps if you have a little hippie in you.

Villa Incognito is Tom Robbins' 8th novel. The setting is (mostly) Laos, where three MIAs have been holed up since the Vietnam conflict. Robbins takes you for a strange ride. In this book he manages to poke fun at our current president and his adminstration, makes a thinly veiled suggestion that the terrorist attacks of Sept 11 could have been avoided but for the ineptitude of various government agencies, discusses sex and fidelity (as he must), examines the shades of morality related to drug peddling, and explores the possibilities of sexual relations between humans and a badger-like creature related to dogs, but known in Japan as the Tanuki.

What can I say? I dig this kinda stuff.
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