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For some reason or another Smokinj deciedes he wants to take me out! Well if it wasn't for my bullet proof vest! As you can see from the attached note HOLLY $HIT what a line up! Everybody here (but Squid) knows the VSG is my fav cigar, and what does he do, send me one that has been sitting longer than I have been smoking! On top of the a 13 year LGC, look at the color of that cello!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 4 year old ISOM, and Opus with a couple years and a punch to top it off! I was floored man, very awesome hit!!!!!!!!!

The RASS didn't make it very long! I smoked that baby on my way to work tonight. Very smooth, a great smoke! I have some RASS in my collection but that is the first one I ever smoked! Don't think that VSG will make it very long either.

Thanks SmokinJ!!!


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Holy shit Frank....I'm surprised even the bullet proof vest saved you from those 50 cal rounds....

That's one helluva to be proud of
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