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This CJ was from a box of ARA FEB 03. I was supposed to let them rest for a while, but you know how that goes! Found one that just looked great,nice and firm all over and calling my name.
Color was a nice light brown, triple cap was okay and a great NEW aroma to my senses was very pleasing. Cut the cap, toasted the foot, fired it up and sat back to see what would happen.

LOL!!! I can't help myself. I was going to make this review "politically correct", instead I'll tell you what I really felt. The following account is entirely the fault of The Bird and The Goose! Their glowing reviews is why I picked the CJ for my maiden voyage!

I can sense the youth of the CJ as it drifts through my sinuses. I'm totally relaxed in my favorite chair enjoying this new experience. Then it happened with no warning! Taking about the third or fourth pull on the CJ, a straight right from Habana Land explodes in my face. I'm down on one knee, shaking my head and wondering "who in the hell fired that shot"! Well for the next ten minutes I'm feeling like a light weight bag that Ali is hammering.

Now I'm not new to strong cigars. I have also spent some time with the Ridge Runners in the back woods of North Carolina, northwest of "the Rock", some would call this area Deliverance Country. I've sat in a tabacco barn playing poker with these boys, sipping 101 and chasing it with some good old shine. I've been to "Moon's Dance Hall" up in the backwoods where you keep one eye on your girl and the other one looking out for flying beer bottles! Even enjoyed a few physical difference of opinions.

Nothing, or nobody has ever put an A$$WHUPPING on me like this little CJ runt is doing! I'm about half way through and the tip of my tongue and my lips are tingling big time. The next ten or fifteen minutes I keep wiping my face with my hand, ala Curly of the Three Stooges, and shaking my head like that dog in the back window of a 58 Buick. Hell, my eyes would probably be glowing red if someone shined a light on them! Finally we are coming to the end and I'm still on my feet, but just barely. This runt has certainly gained my respect and admiration. I don't want it to be over but the CJ is fading fast. I smoke it down as far as I can and just as I am getting ready to set it down I have this brainstorm! I'll grab one of my Briarwood pipes and "finish him off". So I drop the stub in the bowl and use my tamper to seat it firmly. I take a few pulls and about the seventh or eight pull the runt hits me with instant heartburn and the most severe hiccups I have ever experienced! The CJ got me again and wins with a TKO!!

I wish I could tell you more about the wonderful taste but I was to occupied trying to stay alive and upright!

Yes I did order another box of the same, but I had to wait awhile. I was having trouble finding the phone!

I can't wait for the next trip!!!!
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