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4 1/4" x 48
Ecuadorean Connecticut-Seed Desflorado Wrapper
Nicaraguan Binder
Dominican & Nicaraguan Fillers
Medium Bodied

Berger refers to Don Kiki Berger who produces the Cupido, Cubano Claro, and Don Kiki lines for Cuban Crafters, and Argenti refers to Albert and Michael Argenti of Cuban Imports, Inc. The Berger & Argenti Entubar is a unique cigar in that the ligero leaves are bunched separately and extends 1/4" below the foot, sort of like a cigar within a cigar. The Entubar is rolled in scroll like bunches of tobacco which pays tribute to the old Cuban rolling technique "Entubar."

Age/Rest Time:
1 month

$7.00 send me a message by clicking here for a cheaper source.

Double Guillotine

Soft flame lighter


Very oily wrapper with two noticeable veins running up the cigar, a few soft spots near the cap otherwise very firm, and finally, the Entubar sports one of the cleanest triple caps I've seen in awhile.

Peppery/ leathery flavor with a peppery aroma, the draw is a little restricted, but not enough to worry me.

The flavor starts out toasty & peppery with hints of cedar. About half-way into the first-third the draw opened up considerably.

The flavor is hasn't changed much, still toasty & peppery but the cedary flavor has been replaced with a more leathery/woodsy flavor.

Entering into the final-third the flavor is still toasty & peppery, near the mid-point a cinnamony flavor made a quick appearance. The flavor is getting increasingly stronger as I leave the mid-point. The cigar hasn't offered any other flavors, leaving me pretty disappointed.

The Verdict:
I was really looking forward to trying the Entubar after seeing pictures of the unique cigar, and hearing so many good things about it. Nonetheless, the Entubar left me wondering what people found so appealing about it? I mean other then the unique look with the ligero sticking out, and the yellow Advisory band on the foot, the Berger & Argenti Entubar did nothing for me. I have another one in the humidor that I'm going to let rest for six months and come back to it; the verdict is still out, and I never want to discourage anyone from trying something. From what I experienced the MSRP is WAY to high, luckily I got a good deal on these.

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Fine review Joshua. I was wondering about this stick. I guess it's more gimmicky than tasty. I got one sitting in the humi that was given to me a few weeks ago. I am in no hurry to smoke it and by your review, it looks like it is not of the flavor profile I prefer. I would be interested to see what you think about it @ 6 months.

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Good review, Ive found the maduro to be much better than the CT. The Ct wrapped Entubar just taste like a slightly stronger version of the Mooch. And when the Mooch can be had for a fraction of the cost the CT Entubar simply doesnt cut it.
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