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hey all-
comment and a question i guess.
i went golfing this morning and took one from my cohiba selecion reserva box, one of the smaller ones, don't know the exact size name.
anyway i noticed it wasnt smoking well, weak draw not a lot of smoke went out quickly twice. after about half i took of the bands and there was 2 tiny holes under them that looked like the holes i have seen in pictures of beetle infestations. that explained my problems. i smoked the rest of it like a flute and it was perfect from there. i ckecked the rest of the box and there was 1 of the torpedos that had 1 small hole in it. i checked some other boxes and no problems in them.
i guess my question is, is it possible for them to have been packaged that way? should i panic? is this common, anyone ever had something like this? it is definitely my first experience with this.
anyway help, suggestions, or comments would be greatly appreciated.
thanx in advance,
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I doubt it was packaged that way. I would be more inclined to assume the eggs hatched after they were boxed or during transit.
so then i should be freaking out right about now and following the directions in the other thread about freezing?
wouldnt hurt. Inspect all the cigars close & seperate ones that are high suspect. Tapping the foot on a white piece of paper if infested would spill out bug poop dust
bug poop dust? wow, i don't suppose there is any pictures of that floating around? :)
just looks like dust i assume?

I have been blessed or cursed with a palate that can't tell the difference between cigars that have been frozen and those that haven't. That being the case, I have a discipline that when I follow it I stay bug free.

I try to always buy cigars that are at least a year old and when they arrive I freeze them for two days in our deep freeze and then give them two days in the fridge and about a half a day at room temp.

Works for me. . . Just my two cents.
thanx a lot for the input lamar. i just got back from the home depot with a nice 15cf chest freezer. it works for 2 ways, no i can do the quarentine, and also i can buy that half a cow i have been in the country has its grilling advantages!
Check out the new string on freezing cigars in the world cigar lounge!!
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