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Beach Herfin'

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A few weeks ago I went down the beach for a day and had a great time, well its time again. I got a chance to stay for a week so from Saturday to Saturday (19-26) i'll be in sunny (hopefully) Ocean City NJ. Its going to be myself, a buddie i'm staying with and everyday someone we know is driving down for the day so well all 3 of us be herfin' it on the beach in the sunshrine getting dirty looks from people for smokin' cigars. (the looks are the worst, but screw them thats my opinion :sb ) Anyway I wont be around and such and i'll post in the pass forum but if the box somehow gets to me in a week (i doubt it) Someones at my home to recieve it so no worries. Well I'll see you all when I get back.

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have a great time in OC. be sure to visit AC for me while you are there and put $10 on the hard 8 for me :D
Yeah Have a fun time..
Dont bet what you cant spend!

If you go to AC, put a dime each on the hard 6 & 8 & parlay it 2X if it hits for me.:D

Have fun
Is gambling age 18 in NJ? I know its 21 in las vegas...


see you guys in a week!
no comment. :r

But anyway, I'm back, slightly darker of course. It was a great time, nights on teh boardwalk with a cigar were great, but good to be home.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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