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A "dummy cartridge":....bullet,brass,spent (used) primer,DO NOT USE A LIVE PRIMER, and NO powder. Have someone who handloads make a couple up for you in the calibers you shoot in your semi-automatic pistols, revolvers and center fire rifles.
Next time you go to the range blind load your handgun with 4 live rounds and 2 dummy rounds, or 4 live rounds and 1 dummy round in your rifle. Pick a safe target and fire all rounds at your target quickly.
Did you flinch on the dummy cartridge?? Can be embarrassing!
Want some laughs? Let your shooting partner try your weapon, just don't tell him about the dummies being in the weapon.
This is also a great drill to help cure your flinching.

Pistol drill: Put 6 black circles, about 4" in diameter, on a piece of paper or cardboard. Leave about 6" between them with three on the top row and three on the bottom row. Staple the target to a board and back up 7 yards. Fire 6 rounds at one of the circles. When you can keep all 6 shots in the black then try firing 1 shot at each circle. Time limit is 10 seconds for either drill. Occasionally run these drills with the dummy cartridges.....keeps you humble!

Rifle drill: This really test your off-hand ability. Next time you go to the range put a 12" black target at 100 yards. Load your center fire rifle. Ideally you want 5 in the magazine and one in the chamber with the saftey ON! (Some of the larger calibers will only handle 4 and 1). Take 6 more cartridges and place them on the bench. Fire all 6 rounds at the target keeping them in the "black". Then reload the other 6 rounds and do the same. Time limit is 2 minutes for firing 12 rounds . Occasionally use the dummies to check for flinching.
If you can keep all 12 rounds in the "black", then change your first name to "Dan'l" as in Daniel Boone!!

These drills are a lot of fun and will make you a better and more confident marksman. They will challenge you and also "raise the bar" on your skill level. You and your shooting partners can have a lot of fun and laughs challenging each other, especially if you load each others weapons and use the occasional "dummy round".

Always follow the rules for SAFE shooting. Observe all SAFETY rules at the range, and please remember......A WEAPON IS ALWAYS LOADED!!

Stay Safe. Stay Hard.
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