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Watch City Cigar (google finds their online store)

What they Say

Type: Balkan

Cut: Ribbon

Strength: Full

This recipe was suggested by customer Perry S. Fuller: The Churchwarden Himself This was our first excursion into heavier blends and I still haven't been able to beat it! is a full Balkan comprised of 30% Orientals and 30% Latakia with Cigar Leaf, Green River Black and perique. This is a wonderfully rich and balanced blend suitable for fly-fishing or intense contemplation.

My Thoughts:

First off, this is no longer a ribbon cut but was received in a cake for home crumbling, slicing, dicing or just rubbing out. A delightful block that reminds of a chunk of particle-board soaked in oil or possibly some fine stout. Funny thing, their website states Ribbon Cut but as a bulk. It does state that in Crumble Cake format it is available in tins. I ordered tins but received an email saying they weren't available so they sent along a few bags.

The smell is deep in the orientals and Latakia with that tasty campfire goodness that always sets my mouth a watering! It is dark and rich with a decent moisture level; that is for a block. Breaks easy with some bending and crumbles out fairly well. If it dries in large chunks you might need a blender or mortar and pestle.

Advertised as a Balkan with cigar leaf and Green River Blk Cav. and some Perique. Just a hint of the Perique in the aroma, no detecting cigar leaf over those Orientals and that sweet smelling Latakia. I ain't picked out the pipe yet I'm already drooling!

Sprinkled it in to the bowl of an EX Sav 320 for total tasting pleasure. Gave it a good crumbling and let it sit to dry about 90 minutes. The remaining big chunks were harder but broke up between the palms. You could over crumble and make dust so pay attention.

Lighting was more effort but after those first few charring tries this baby took hold and simmered to the end! I don't mind a slow start when it rewards with that even consistent burn to the bottom.

Right up there with Stokkebye Balkan Supreme but even a greater depth and darkness. Can't single out the cigar leaf or the Perique, at first, but it is there adding the tobacco equivalent of the subwoofer range.

Damn this is nice!

That Louisiana spice is just tickling the tongue and back of the nose as the first third expires and I find myself urgently puffing.

No bite, no bark, no bitch. This one is a real trooper smoldering on regardless how bad I abuse it.

This is a keeper. A real rotation clean-up kind of hitter. Reggie Jackson in the Series sort of powerhouse!


Room Note; who cares! Let them go outside, but my sweety loves this smokey, dark, syrupy-deep, evil lusciousness; so beware. If your SO or CINC-Spouse or whatever can't take 6 campfires during s spring shower, then take your efforts outside!

I likes me Balkans; as well as me VaPer's, and other variants for a Latakia delivery.

But this, wow!! This rates as a Super Balkan. Order some, order some now or I'm going to cellar the whole damn production run. Wooohaaaaa Haaaaahoooo woo! No really, try it, if you dare!

10 bananas out of 10

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