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by small town what do you mean???town i live close to is 7000 people and does not have a smoke shop.cant help you with chatham either (4 provinces and 4000km away).if you pass through windsor stop at the "la casa del habano" they will not be fake.chatham is 50 or 60 thousand so you shouldnt have any problems finding a smoke shop or two.

"Will the average cigar store in Canada carry cubans? " the rest of the world there isnt much in the way of non habanos...probably 80% to 90% of the cigars in the average cigar store are cuban.

gas stations and supermarkets have smokes and this is where you are most likely to find having said that...i know one person who buys his habanos at loblaws (in quebec) if there is a "loblaws"grocery store nearby maybe have a look.

alberta has the lowest cigar tax in are some prices here(dont think they will be lower anywhere else...ones i have bought singles of in the last year).so bring a fat wallet.

rafael gonzales panetelas extra...6.00$can(these are a great machine made smoke...try one)
ryj coronitas en cedro...9.50$can(another good MM)
bolivar coronas extra...19.00$can(at the cigar store i goto they are from '98 so how can i say no)

hope this helps

derrek :)
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