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Well i've heard it but never tried one till tonite... I heard from maybe that Arturo Fuente Shortstory is not only a nice quick smoke but damn good one at that! I smoked this thing until it burnt my fingers, then i smoked it some more... First time i've ever smoked one down that low.

On another note, my great aunt and uncle came out from california (orange county) they like to show there car (at car shows) they have a tricked out PT Cruiser, not my favorite car but a nice ride, and they did some cool stuff to it. My great uncle's a cigar smoker too so we burnt a few sticks while he was htere, and we had a picnic today and it was a beautiful warm/sunny day, and the night it cooled off and it was awesome. Hope to go camping next weekend for the 4th, some nice cigars, and a camp fire.

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