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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-13-02 AT 08:46 AM (CDT)]The date has been set for July 6th 2002.

The place is at Maxamars in Orange, California

Hotel discounts are currently being researched

The time will be from 12:00 noon till whenever

Like last year...
***no cover charge
***sodas, ice & water will be provided (bring your own alcohol)
***food will be provided
***another serious major raffle + auction
***dessert cake will be provided
***everyone is welcome (last year we had 125+ folks show up, this year we expect more)
***donations will be accepted for auction & raffle
***any profits over cost of SoCal III will be donated to a local charity.

Stay tuned here for an update & for a SoCal III webpage available soon

Any questions: please contact

filly: [email protected]
poker: [email protected]
Tom Matkey: [email protected]
Carlton: [email protected]

Hey hows about that live cam thingy this year? And please for crying out loud somebody get a serious amount of pics and put them in an online album so us pooor folks that can't attend see you alls perty faces. And if filly wears a really nice dress like in LOLH take several,lol. :p
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