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Well, it seems I may have offended some people in noting that some major manufacturers were not donating to our chairty herf on a post at another forum. Let me first say that this is not about getting "free stuff". We put a lot of our own money into the herf and even purchase a lot of the "donations", many of which are products made by the manufacturers not contributing.

Second, the thread was not meant as a boycott the big guys thread, instead as an informational post to let everyone who attends or donates to the herf that the reason they would not be seeing these companies represented was not because of our lack of trying. And, when I said I had not contacted some of the previous sponsors that was 100% true, but they were contacted, via e-mail, by another of the herf's organizers. Also, I need to add that each and every sponsor is given the opportunity to include any kind of advertising they see fit for us to hand out to every attendee at the herf in our attendee bags. We also place a link to their website on our website, which gets quite a few hits before and after the herf. So, in all reality, they aren't just "giving" us stuff.

I completely understand that not everyone can do everything, all the time and I would never expect it. But, at a minimum you'd think an answer to the request would be rendered. While I would love to be able to just front the money to raise the thousands that we raise for the charity, I just can't do it, so any help we receive is help for the kids at the club. So, I apologize to anyone I may have offended by the post. My intent was to help our charity (The Springfield Boys and Girls Club), not defame anyone's name. As I look back at what I wrote I can see that it may be viewed as low class to mention names of businesses not contributing. While I always try to donate something, even if it's just a small item, to the CFCF auctions, I can vision myself being hurt if someone posted a thread calling me a cheapskate. So, my apologies not only to the Fuente/Newmans, but also to the other manufacturers.
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