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A man goes on a little vacation to see his parents and help them party on their 40 wedding anniversary and after driving near 11 hours home, he finds no home. I mean nothing! Well as I struggle to find the pieces of my life (such as diapers for the girl) that Mike blew all over Raleigh at least I have some nice stuff to smoke.

Dunhills EMP : yumm I like dunhill stuff
Altidas Count Pulaski: I have heard good things about this blend, and having worked and played in Pulaski county Virginia the name alone brings me warm fuzzies .
Peretti’s British Blend: I received some of this wonderful blend from sgresso in the PIF, good all day blend.
And to top it all of my first rusticated briar pipe, I can’t wait to start its break in. For me that bowl is huge.:cool:

Mike Thank You

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Enjoy everything!!! THe bowl on that pipe is huge!!! Hope it is a good smoker for you!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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