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smokemifyagotem said:
Do cigars in an air tight environment (like tupperware) age slower than cigars in a humidor?
I'm running out of room in my humidor and am heistant to put smokes that I want to age in tupperware b/c Im not sure.
I keep an igloodor, a tupperdor, and a small humidor (100 ct). I use the igloodor for boxes, the tupperdor for aging loose cigars (so they don't get mashed between boxes), and the humidor for cigars that I anticipate smoking soon or want to keep handy. I've really noticed no difference between the three with regard to cigar quality. However, I dig in all three frequently so circulation is no problem whatsoever. I regularly have the tupperdor and igloodor open for five to ten minutes and they bounce back to a perfect 70% real quick. I've considered putting a few small holes in both for circulation, but it really doesn't seem to be an issue. The longest I've been away from them is two weeks and I noticed no build-up of ammonia odors in either the containers or the cigars.

Personally, I think that adding some Spanish cedar is more important that the circulation issue. All plastic products will continue to off-gas indefinitely, the cedar helps balance that a little IMHO (as does frequently opening). This was more important when I was building up stock and the igloodor was relatively new and empty. In the early days the plastic smell freaked me out far worse than anything else, but I've never noticed any effect on the cigars. Now, I'm just trying to figure out where to put another cooler where my wife won't find it!

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